Sometimes it’s to please, sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes to impress, whatever happens you’ve all experienced your first visit to an amusement park, and if you’re here, it’s because you want more! Evasions USA the specialist in the United States takes you to discover the amusement parks not to be missed on your next trip to the United States.

The best parks in the United States

Originally, amusement parks were called “Periodic Fairs”. They arrived in the United States in 1846, lasted a week or two and were intended to celebrate good harvests.

It was only some time later in 1880 that the first Russian Mountains were created in the USA. You’ve probably heard about the famous Cyclone from Coney Island to Brooklyn? Well, we’re bringing you higher and stronger!

The United States is home to the world’s largest amusement parks, so it’s time for thrills in this top 5!

1. The Knoebels Amusement Resort

Do you like the atmosphere of carnivals?

Then the Knoebels Amusement Resort is the park that is right for you! The concept is simple, this amusement park works like a fair, each attraction is paid for separately from a ticket booklet that you will have bought beforehand at the park gates (but at very low prices). The park is located in Pennsylvania, so you can easily reach it from the East Coast, Philadelphia, New York or Washington.

This is where you will find two of the largest wooden roller coasters in the world like the Pheonix! Many other rides are available but what is really worth it at Knoebels Resort is that the whole family will find what they are looking for.

Note that this park is also very famous for its food stands. Indeed the park has been awarded 14 years in a row for the quality of its dishes, something to delight the most fearful and greedy!

2. Cedar Point Amusement

It is THE reference for sensational amusement parks in the United States! Cedar Point Amusement amusement park is located in Sandusky, Ohio. You can easily get there when visiting Chicago, Detroit or Cleveland.

Needless to say, Cedar Point holds the record for the number of attractions with 69 rides, all higher and crazier than each other.

It was also voted “best amusement park in the world” 14 years in a row.

This one owes its success to its disproportionate size with 17 roller coasters, two water parks and a long white sand beach, enough to make thrill-seekers dream!

3. Universal Studios Hollywood

It continues to be strong, with this park dedicated to the world of cinema! Universal Studios Hollywood Park welcomes you near Los Angeles, California.

Spend a day in the film studios of your favourite series and films to seduce movie lovers and amusement park enthusiasts, and among the many attractions on offer, you can embark on Harry Potter’s world, the Mummy’s revenge, King Kong 3D or The Walking Dead.

Come aboard the unusual 3D attractions in the morning and unravel the mysteries of NBC’s most impressive special effects in the afternoon.

4. Walt Disney World Resort

Disneyland Parks are no longer to be presented but Orlando’s Walt Disney World in the heart of Florida is still worth a visit! If you wish to offer yourself a multi-thematic visit for both young and old, then don’t hesitate to visit Walt Disney World.

Spread over more than 110km, it is the largest Disney park in the world. We also advise you to spend several days visiting it in order to fully enjoy all the attractions. Know that the Resort is actually composed of 4 theme parks including the Disney Magic Kingdom where you will find all the fairytale universe of Disney cartoons. Head for the Epcot park dedicated to the futuristic universe and technologies for which Walt Disney had the ambition to create the city of the future and finish with Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the zoological park containing five zones representing the five continents.

As you will have understood, Walt Disney World is more than just an amusement park, it is a universe that is being discovered and rediscovered. With several new attractions opening every year, we never go around!

5. Six Flags Great Adventure

Fasten your seatbelts because Six Flags and its rides are going to shake you up! Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park is located in Jackson, New Jersey, about 1h30 from New York and can be reached by train from Penn station quite easily. You can also get there by bus or car during a tour on the East Coast. Evasions USA, a specialist in tailor-made trips to the United States, invites you to enter this magnificent park.

Described as “the thrill capital of the world”, Six Flags Great Adventure Park is ideal for families or groups of friends looking for thrills. It is in this oversized park that you will embark on the biggest roller coaster ride in the United States!

For the bravest, slip into the Kindga Ka queue and board for a catapult more than 230 km away in less than 3.5 seconds to climb a 136 meter high climb… of course you will go down, good luck! Other attractions in Six Flags Great Adventure Park are for the bravest, from El Toro, a gigantic wooden roller coaster to Batman The Ride and its countless loops, everything has been designed at Six Flags Park in New Jersey to give you THE Big thrill!

You will have understood it if you want to experience thrills during your next tailor-made trip to the USA, the United States is the dream place for amusement park lovers! Feel free to let us organize your next trip here.